How do I change or remove a registered domain/sub-domain from my software license?

If you need to remove an associated domain from your license domain allocation, we require an administration fee of $55 (per domain/sub-domain you require to be removed) to be paid.

Pay the $55 administration fee by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button on this page:

Ensure you input your arpReach license number in the Notes field of the PayPal payment process and complete your payment.

Once paid, open a support ticket: (if you have not paid we will redirect you to the payment page)

… with your domain removal request and a copy of your PayPal receipt and/or transaction ID.

Your request should be processed within 24 hours (Mondays – Fridays).

If you need to remove more than one (1) domain/sub-domain from your domain allocation, submit a support ticket and we will be providing you a special link where you can pay for the amount needed.

Important note: Orders for license updates are not refundable.

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