Why am I getting a “The license could not be activated” error?

From arpReach version 1.5.XXX and upward and including #V2:

Log in to your system and check what the Domain name indicated on the right-hand side panel is.

Then, log in to the Hub (#V2 hub or arpReach Hub) and check what the registered domain is to see if they match: 


If the domain name in your system has a www but the domain name in the Hub doesn't, submit a ticket to have your registered domain corrected to include the www.

Once updated, generate a new activation code and proceed with activating your installation.

If the domain names match, simply double check your software license info (also making sure that no unnecessary spaces are in any of the fields on the activation page) and generate a new activation code in the Hub.

For older versions:

Double check the CONFIG.PHP file in your installation directory. Make sure that the necessary info (e.g., domain name, application URL, etc.) are correctly entered there, then try activating again.

Things to be mindful of:

• Domain name

The “http://“ and “www” should not be included in the domain name:

$config['domain_name'] = ‘’;

For sub-domains, just omit the “http://“:

$config['domain_name'] = ‘’;

• Application URL

If your installation URL defaults to:

… then the application URL should be set to:

$config['application_url'] = ‘';

If it defaults to:

… then the application URL should be set to:

$config['application_url'] = ‘';

If your domain/sub-domain uses HTTPS on all its pages, simply type in the appropriate value. For example:

$config['application_url'] = ‘';
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