How do I move contacts whose subscription to an autoresponder failed?

To move failed subscriptions from one autoresponder to another:

  1. Create the destination autoresponder and set its status to Sending Paused or Disabled
  2. Create a segment that will filter those failed subscriptions
  3. Filter your contacts list using the segment you created
  4. Once the filter is in place, choose Edit matching contacts from the I want to... drop-down menu
  5. On the Edit Matching Contacts screen, select the following under the Subscription section:

For autoresponder: choose the originating autoresponder – where you are removing them from

Move to this autoresponder: choose the destination autoresponder – where you are transferring them to

You can leave the rest of the fields as is.

6. Click the Save Changes button

For a detailed view of the entire process, you should visit the online manual.

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