How to set up and allow emailed subscriptions

In order to accept emailed subscription requests:

  1. Make sure the email address you’ve set in the Incoming email settings (Setup / System Settings / System / Incoming email) is a valid/existing mailbox on your server (preferably used/created solely for your arpReach system, e.g., or
  2. Make sure that #V2 is able to connect to that mailbox
  3. Make sure that your domain’s catch-all (default) email address is forwarding misrouted emails to that mailbox (Note: On a cPanel hosting, you can do this by logging in to your cPanel and accessing the "default email/address". If you are not sure if your domain/server’s catch-all is enabled, or how to do so, contact your web host for assistance.)

In your autoresponder's settings, check the Allow email subscriptions box which opens another box where you can enter the First part of subscription address or the subscribe email address. The result must be an email address that does not exist as a real email account on your domain.

For example, you have #V2 installed on:

… and you’ve set:


… as the autoresponder’s First part of the subscription address. The subscription address (which should NOT be an existing/valid address) will then be:

Once a new emailed subscription is received, your server should then be routing it to your #V2 mailbox. Then, when the cron for the script runs, it will be processed by the system accordingly.

If you do not have a catch-all functionality, you can set up an email forwarder that will automatically forward messages sent to the autoresponder's subscribe email address to your #V2 mailbox (the mailbox you’ve set in your Incoming email settings).

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