How to import contacts into #V2

To import contacts, follow these steps:

1. Go to Contacts / Import Contacts

2. Choose the file to upload and click the Upload Import File button

  • The file should be standard comma separated (CSV) or tab separated text. For spreadsheet data, save in CSV format before importing.
  • Remove any header rows and blank rows at the top before importing.
  • All rows must have the same number of fields in the same order. The first row of data defines the format for every other row.

3. Map the file data

The next screen will allow you to “map” the columns in your file into the software and indicate which autoresponder subscriptions and contact tags/categories to assign to your contacts.

4. Start the import process

After mapping the file data, click on the Continue button, then the Start Import button to start the import process.

Important note: The capabilities of your server (processor, RAM, etc.) will affect how many rows of data you can import. We suggest that you start with 1000 and increase or decrease the amount depending on the result.

For a detailed view of the entire import process, you may visit the #V2 online manual

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